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    Technical support

    Hoesda company is an enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, and the technical staff of customer service are all drawn from research and development, with their skilled and experienced professional staff. We have sufficient strength to provide professional services for customers. In view of the characteristics of the customers themselves, hansida will rely on its own service team to be fully responsible for the pre-sales and after-sales service of the products, so as to timely and effectively deal with the problems of the clients and ensure the safe and stable operation of the products. At the same time, we can provide services such as on-site shop guidance, and respond to customers’ customized demands in the first time and put them into practice.


    Timely  service

    In order to ensure the timely and effective services required by customers, hansida company provides the service hotline and the service mailbox. Based on the actual situation, we can provide engineers to the site and handle various emergencies together with the technical staff of the client. Both parties can make full use of the above means to maintain 24 hours of efficient interaction and communication with FAE of hoesda company, and jointly discuss the problems in the use of products and the changes in new demands and solve them.

    Service content

    1.Provide pre-sales training

    2.Provide on-site guidance and technical support

    3.Provide correct operation and maintenance technology

    4.Provide spare parts

    5.Regularly repair products for customers

    6.Provide customers necessary information ,use and improvement of products


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